XFM at the ESRF!

Dana and I visited the ESRF at Grenoble to look at Toxoplasma with X-ray fluorescence microscopy. Some beautiful scenery and images, and hopefully some nice data!


So last week, Dr Jack Hanna started in the lab as a post doc, and Leandre and Remo, students from Stellenbosch University in South Africa, started their 6 week exchange project investigating novel compounds on Toxoplasma gondii. To celebrate, we went for the traditional Glasgow meal of Thai food. Its going to be a fun few weeks!

New Lab Member

We would like to welcome Elena Hartmann to the lab!

She will be joining us for a year as a technician and we are very excited to have her

Elena hard at work already

Congratulations to Meg!

Massive congratulations to Megan for receiving her Early Career Fellowship from Wellcome! Its going to be a very exciting 5 years understanding the mechanisms of nutrient sensing and regulation.

Celebration with the traditional milkshakes/ice cream.

Megan and the lab celebrating!

Welcome to Adam!

Adam hard at work

It has been great hosting Adam Scott over his amazingly productive undergraduate summer placement. I am certain that he will continue his success in Canada!

Major Lab milestone

I would like to congratulate Meg, who successfully made the 100th plasmid of the lab. Here she shows off her ceremonial card clip, engraved with 100 as a reminder of this historic achievement

New Paper!

The first paper from the lab is out! Great work from Dana and Megan

Lab Movie

We made a movie to summarise who we are and what we do! But since it was lockdown, we couldn’t film in person so we had to make do with lego….